Legends of Penterra

Getting to know you

Getting to know all about you..

All adventures start somewhere. They have a beginning. Usually those beginnings are small, almost inconsequential. This was one of those beginnings, with the warrior Derrikk, from the North Umbrian holdings, arrived at the Albium chapter house for the Soldiers of the Vigilar and was immediately put to a test to show his skills at arms. It was here that Derrikk met the Paladin of Mythius, Starkk on the chapter house practice grounds, and it was here the two became friends after a few bruises were administered to Starkk’s head with Derrikk’s practice swords.

Unfortunately, the two discovered that during the course of their practice, Derrikk’s great sword was stolen from the practice grounds. Not an altogether unsurprising event in an inner city area, but an annoying one none the less; even more so since the item was of great sentimental value to Derrikk. However, that night Derrikk found a note in his barracks room from an unknown person letting him know that she knew who took his sword, and that this stranger could help him get it back. Even more unusual Starkk also received a note in his room, letting him know where he could find Lamm, a despicable scoundrel from his past.

The next morning the two, after discovering they were both looking for this mysterious person who had left them a note traveled together for the meeting. When they arrived, they noticed there was someone else who had also arrived for the meeting, Celeste, a bard from Faracsia, who upon arriving at Albium had several of her items stolen from her room while she was entertaining guests at the Surly Salmon Pub and Inn. After brief introductions they met the mysterious sender of notes, Zahara a local fortune teller, who advised them that she had also had something stolen – from Lamm, who employees the local orphans to steel for him.

Zahara had tracked down the infamous Lamm, but she knew she wasn’t equipped to get back her cards for fortune telling, and that she needed the right people for this job. As it turns out she found them in Derrikk, Starkk, and Celeste; who were able to make short work of Lamm, get their gear back, find Zahara’s card deck, as well as form a strong friendship.



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