Legends of Penterra

Moving on up,

To a deluxe apartment…

With the experiences they acquired from their encounter with Zahara and Lamm, Starkk and Derrikk had proven themselves enough in the Soldiers of the Vigilar to earn a promotion from their initiate status to full members. As such, Starkk was promoted to a Knight and Derrikk was promoted to a Soldier in their respective units of the Vigilars.

For their first such duty in the order, they were given the sticky task of finding some local guards who had gone AWOL from their unit. The commander of the watch, Reeve Cressia had asked the Vigilars to assist her in this delicate task, and Stark, Derrikk, and Celeste were put in contact with Sergeant Flemm to gather information, and hopefully track down the wayward guards.

It took a little time, but eventually the group located their favorite sergeant at the Elfsong Harp, a local inn and tavern that tends to caters to the more musically inclined patrons. With his information, and some area sleuthing they were able to find the guards hold up in a bucher’s shop where they had set up a front for their true business of hiring out as enforcers to the local criminal element. It was also discovered that these former guards weren’t just selling meat, but also the leftovers from their “bullying” who tended to die more often than not.



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