Legends of Penterra

Newtown old problems

Let’s make a deal

Upon arriving in Newtown the group discovered that all the Shire Reeves of Mercia had been called for a “Meeting of Nobles”, and rumor had it they were discussing Lord Guy and his undue (and foreign) influence on the king. In addition to the Mercian nobles, there were also a few reeves from North Umbria in attendance; and the Earldorwoman was not allowing any uninvited into her keep until the meeting was over.

After asking around, it was found that the person most likely to have encountered Reese, and thus most likely to be in possession of the sword now would be Lord Offan, the Shire Reeve of Medshire. Due to the group already having encountered some of the Reeve’s knights in a rather unpleasant way, and due to their somewhat friendly relationship with Lord Guy, they believed they should be completely sure before they tried to do anything.

While doing their further scouting at one of the local inns while Celeste was performing, they met Aesek, a freelance assassin for the Black Hand who made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. In return for infiltrating the local thieve’s guild, and acquiring their ledger – listing their local fences, smugglers, warehouses, brothels and the like; he would give them the antidote to the poison they had been ingesting this evening. Aesek explained that he had been hired by Earok, and that the Spider’s Web had their eyes set on expanding to Newtown – acquiring this sensitive information would go a long way to ensuring a successful (and fast) take over. It would also go a long way in clearing Starkk’s and Celeste’s debt to Earok for freeing the Dragonling. They would still have to make a public apology once they returned to Albium, but he would no longer send assassins after them.

The foursome did some scouting in various places Aesek said were likely covers (and entrances) for the local thieves’ guild. They looked around one of the local tavern but were unable to find entry, and then they snuck into a fence’s shop in the same area. Searching around the shop they found a secret door that lead to the sewer system for Newtown, and using their tracking ability they were able to follow some footprints in the silt and rubbish to a likely area for the entrance to the thieves’ hall.

Unfortunately sneaking into a guild composed a sneaking proved a little too difficult, and instead brute force seemed to work a bit better. The group power rushed toward the back of the guild hall, forgoing trying to bluff their way in; and eventually were able to recover the books that Aesek required for the Spider King. With time running out they headed back out of the sewers and to the bar that Aesek was staying at; to turn over what they had found and receive the antidote.



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