Legends of Penterra

Seven Soldiers

They were magnificent...

While Starkk and Celeste were tasked with discovering the mysteries of Bogacham and the Temple of Sevorum, Derrekk and Toric, a cleric of Mythius, were required to deliver supplies to Susley Abbey and the Vigilar’s nearby watch tower. Along the way though, the uncovered the bodies of some dead travelers along the road and then further down the road they found the bodies of some Orgrist Virkung raiders. While searching the raiders, they found a map laying out where their boats were, a few villages they had already destroyed, and the town they were next expected to attack, “Kurobury”. En route to the village, the small group was able to add a few more warriors to help in the defense.

Arriving in town a couple days before the Virkung attack, the group of seven magnificent warriors advised the town of the impending attack, and assisted them in preparations. They set up look-outs, they dug trenches and embankments with spikes along the water front, handed out weapons and armor that were originally supposed to be for the Vigilar’s watch tower and Susley Abbey, and even worked with the villagers on some basic tactics.

That night the group was able to ambush a scouting element from the Virkung, and eliminate them all before they could report on the groups preparations. Unfortunately they were not able to capture any alive to interrogate.

In the morning the town awoke to the Virkung advancing on their town. The group quickly split up the town into to forces to defend the town behind the battlements, while they took charge leading the townsfolk. It was a terrible battle that raged throughout the day, but in the end; despite the loss of several villagers, the burning of quite a few buildings, and the deaths of a few of the valiant fighters they were able to route the Virkung.

Despite the severe losses the town withstood they celebrated the warriors as heroes, for without them the town would have been destroyed completely. With their work complete, the warriors gathered their gear, and proceeded on to their final destination to deliver the supplies.



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