Legends of Penterra

The Temple of Sevorum

Northern Missions

Starkk and Celeste were dispatched to the town of Bogacham to investigate strange reports of missing farmers, livestock, graves being dug up and the bodies missing. The mayor had already tried getting help from the Shire Reeve, who discounted the tales as silly farmer’s ghost stories of bogs and goblins. In addition, the clerics at the Temple of Sevorum, a monastery just north of town seemed to be oblivious to the strange occurrences. Seeing no other option, the mayor requested the aid of the Soldiers of Vigil, whose primary purpose is to aid the helpless.

It took six days for Starkk, Celeste, and a couple initiates from the Vigilars, to reach the town of Bogacham, where they introduced themselves to the mayor and began their detective work to figure out what was going on in the town. The closest suspicious location was “the tanners” who had arrived a few years ago to set up a tanning shop, lived near town, and had not been seen since the mysterious occurrences started. Celeste using her extensive knowledge was able to open the tanner’s shop so the group could search the premises.

The group found several suspicious items, a bag full of ancient relics from before the cataclysm – weapons, armor, rings, and miscellaneous pieces of equipment. In addition, they found a note from a suspected fence by the name of Earok in Albium, and a note from someone named Reese to Earok stating they would have more items for him; but the price had gone up. After further exploration the group discovered a secret passage that went toward the north, which would put it under the town’s graveyard and toward the Temple of Sevorum.

Exploring the tunnel, the group came upon several zombies with shovels and pick axes in hand that appear to have been used to excavate the tunnel that went all the way to the catacombs beneath the temple. Realizing the large catacombs could be a death trap for the group without proper planning, the group decided their best course of action would be close off this entrance to the catacombs and try to make contact with the Temple of Sevorum and see if they were complicit in the affairs of Reese, or if they were truly unaware.

After making contact with the temple, talking to the abbot, librarian, and various members of the abbey, the group was convinced the temple was innocent; but convincing the temple that their catacombs were breached, when the doors were still secure took some work. Or at least it took showing that items, which should have been secure, were now in fact in the possession of the adventurers. The Abbot, marshaled the members of his order and with the adventurers proceeded into the catacombs, overcoming a skeletal horde at the entry way they made their way to the center of the tombs.

There they discovered a large sarcophagus with glyphs and wards, which had been forced open, a dead body with a dagger through the back, a mummified hand, and a missing sword. The abbot, then gave the story of the Temple, and why it was created – to guard the severed hand and greatsword of the Titan Rugnus, and prevent his followers from ever gaining control of them. The best way, was through secrecy; but now, somehow, the sword was free.

With the help of the members of the Abbey, the group was able to “shovel” the hand back into the sarcophagus, close and seal it; but the sword remained missing. The abbot gave the group a new mission, report their findings back to their order, find the fence “Earok” who may have more information on Reese, recover the sword, and return it to the Temple of Sevorum.



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