Legends of Penterra

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It is the Age of Mortals…
It has been nearly a millennia since the Godflict and the sundering of Pangea -
when the celestial cities fell from the sky and the continent was rent Your asunder.
The Dwarves still hide in their mountain fortresses; Elves shelter in their forests;
dragons sleep in their secluded layers; and even the Gods have departed the lands.

Free from the direct control of the Gods and meddling of the other origin races,
mankind strives to rebuild the world. Yet they are constantly raided by the Orgrist,
former humans twisted by the Dark Ones foul power during the Godflict.

Whatever direction mankind takes, it will be a direction of their own choosing. Your
actions, for good or ill, could help decide if humanity will rise triumphant to the light,
or falter and stumble into darkness and oblivion.

Welcome to the Leogrian Chronicles,
it is now your time to become one of the Legends of Penterra….



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