Commander Jorgan


Name: Commander Jorgan

Location: Vigilars Citadel, Albium City
Affiliation: Vigilars, Company of Knights
Rank: Knight Commander, Albium Chapter House


Appearance and Demeanor: Commander Joran is almost always seen in his plate mail and Vigilars’ tabard. A large powerfully built man in his early 40’s who shows very little sign of aging. He wears his shoulder length length hair tied in place with a leather circlet with the symbol of Gloria around his head, and has a full beard that he keeps neatly trimmed. He seems to never get flustered or excited, and keeps calm even under adversity. He has a fatherly tone, though it never sounds condescending.

History: Taken into the Order as an orphan when he was very young, Jorgan showed great aptitude and martial proficiency. He also showed something that few had, an actual divine connection to the Gods of light, Gloria in particular. Because of this, he naturally became a Paladin, and joined the Company of Knights in the Order of the Vigilant Soldiers. Due to his humble upbringing, Commander Jorgan himself has a soft spot for waifs and always seems to bring one back to the Order’s Citadel whenever he returns from a trip.

Commander Jorgan

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