Grim Rider


The Grim Rider is a large humanoid, garbed from head to toe in blackened full plate mail, carrying a large axe and shield, and riding a massive black war steed. Those that encounter him (and live to tell the tale) say his eyes glow an eery purple under his helm, that his horse breaths fire, and wherever he steps the grass dies.


The Grim Rider is a mythical, spectral being said to wander the roads of all Reliquum for at least the past 300 years. Legend has it, that he was once either a member of The Watch, a fallen military order accused of heresy, or one of the spectral wraiths that emerged, raised by the Dark One, after the order was destroyed in 712 A.G.

They say he usually is seen either just before a plague starts, or shortly after; and that wherever he goes death is sure to follow. As such, the whisper of him being sited is considered a bad omen. Also, according to legend, he harbors an eternal hatred for the Church of Mythius; and thus always seeks out traveling priests, paladins, and holy travelers to slay.

Whenever travelers are found dead along the road (Or go missing), it is attributed to him as often as it is to bandits or Orgrist raiders.

Grim Rider

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