Name: Lola
True Name: Smell of a summer breeze after a rain storm
Location: Albium City
Affiliation: Companion to Celeste and Stark


Appearance and Demeanor: She is a youngish Dragonling, and bears the traits common to them. She’s almost four feet long from the tip of her snout to the point of her tail, with almost a 6 foot wingspan; and weighs in at approximately 15 large stones. her scale color changes depending on where she is, ranging from almost a light grey when she’s flying; to a light green when she’s on grass or leaves; and a dark rich brown when she’s on wood. The tips of her head feathers have a dark cherry color to them.

After spending just over four years in captivity at the hands of Eorak she’s developed both a hatred and fear of spiders. Any time she sees one, she either pounces on it or flies away to safety depending on the situation.

Biography: Lola is a young adult Dragonling, approximately 16 yrs old. She was captured when she was about 12 years old after getting drunk and passing out after finding an open container of honey mead behind an inn outside of Albium. The inn owner, who was severely in debt to some nefarious people of ill repute, used her to pay off his debt as the selling of ‘’exotic animals’’ is legal and quite profitable across the realms. Eventually she ended up in the hands of Eorak, the “Spider King”, the kingpin of the docks of Albium. He kept her in a cage four long years while he tortured her by constantly sending spiders into her cage to attach her.

Since her release she’s followed Celeste and Starkk around, assisting them as best she can as she feels a strong life debt is owed to them for freeing her.


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