SGT Bobb


Sergeant Bobb

Location: Vigilar Citadel, Albium City
Affiliation: Vigilars, Company of Soldiers
Rank: Sergeant


Appearance and Demeanor: SGT Bob is a late twenties human, dressed in sturdy chainmail with a long sword sheathed on his hip. He’s shorter than average height, but muscular in build, with a wiry frame. He has black close cropped hair, and a flat lean face. He has a gruff demeanor, and is quick to yell when the situation demands it (and occasionally when it doesn’t); and he doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

Biography: He tends to spend more time with his soldiers than with those of rank, and as such his soldiers have gotten to know him pretty well. The older soldiers say SGT Bob joined the order in the Earldom of Anglia when he was seventeen, and while they don’t talk openly about it, they say it had something to do with a girl, stolen pig, and possibly fishing poles (not necessarily in that order). He spent his first few years in the Order in the Northern Marches defending the wall from Scotian and Virkung raiders and has become quite familiar with the tactics of both.

Since being transferred to Albium, possibly after a slight disagreement with one of the other sergeants stationed in the Northern Marches (which may have left someone with a broken jaw), he’s done his best to train his soldiers for anything they may have to face. On more than one occasion he’s been known to literally wipe his arse with a written message he didn’t appreciate and throw it at the messenger in response.

SGT Bobb

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