SGT Flemm


Name: SGT Flemm

Location: Albium City
Affiliation: Castle White Guards
Rank: Gate Sergeant


Not much is known about SGT Flemm, other than he always seems to be at the entrance gate to Castle White when you don’t want him to be there, but when you’re looking for him he’s never there. When not found at the gate or barracks he can usually be found listening to the minstrels at the Elfsong Harp Tavern in the North Gate District of Albium. It is frequently presumed that he earned his rank in the guard because he’s one of the few who knows how to read.

Appearance: Flemm is a mid thirties human, dressed in sturdy chainmail with a broadsword sheathed on his hip. He’s average height, and average build, with slightly greying short hair, and a rather largish hooked nose. He has a gruff demeanor, and seems completely unimpressed by most situations. He frequently asks repetitive or bizarre questions that irritate, but if you look closely you can almost see his eyes twinkle as playing a game.

SGT Flemm

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