Legends of Penterra

More than one way to get a sword
Some are easier than others

Having recovered the ledgers and returned them to Aesek, the group no longer had to worry about assassins and could concentrate their whole attention to the task of recovering the Sword of Ragnus. They divided themselves into two groups, one to scout out Lord Offan’s residence in Newtown, the other to watch the Earlderwoman’s keep, and see if the shire reeve had the sword with him when he attended court there.

Newtown old problems
Let’s make a deal

Upon arriving in Newtown the group discovered that all the Shire Reeves of Mercia had been called for a “Meeting of Nobles”, and rumor had it they were discussing Lord Guy and his undue (and foreign) influence on the king. In addition to the Mercian nobles, there were also a few reeves from North Umbria in attendance; and the Earldorwoman was not allowing any uninvited into her keep until the meeting was over.

Following the Sword
A trip to Devon.

With the party gathered back up, Starkk, Derrick, Toric, Celeste, and their new companion Lola the Dragonling made their way to the northeast in search of the Sword of the Titan Ragnus. It would take them six days to travel to the city of Devon, a large town in the foothills separating the western side of Leogria from the eastern side.

The Dragon in the Web (Starkk & Celeste)
Or how to make enemies and get assassinated

Upon arriving back in Albium Starkk and Celeste set out to search for the fence Earok. They figured that the person they knew most likely to have had contact with Earok or to at least know where he was located at would be their favorite Sergeant of the Guard, Flemm. Unfortunately after talking to Sergeant Flemm the two realized that Earok wasn’t just a petty fence, he was the leader of a nefarious rogue’s guild in the city of Albium, and was more commonly known as “The Spider King” – and not because he was clingy (though he was also clingy). It was also discovered that Earok was a gatherer of information, and not opposed to giving out that information…. For a price.

Seven Soldiers
They were magnificent...

While Starkk and Celeste were tasked with discovering the mysteries of Bogacham and the Temple of Sevorum, Derrekk and Toric, a cleric of Mythius, were required to deliver supplies to Susley Abbey and the Vigilar’s nearby watch tower. Along the way though, the uncovered the bodies of some dead travelers along the road and then further down the road they found the bodies of some Orgrist Virkung raiders. While searching the raiders, they found a map laying out where their boats were, a few villages they had already destroyed, and the town they were next expected to attack, “Kurobury”. En route to the village, the small group was able to add a few more warriors to help in the defense.

The Temple of Sevorum
Northern Missions

Starkk and Celeste were dispatched to the town of Bogacham to investigate strange reports of missing farmers, livestock, graves being dug up and the bodies missing. The mayor had already tried getting help from the Shire Reeve, who discounted the tales as silly farmer’s ghost stories of bogs and goblins. In addition, the clerics at the Temple of Sevorum, a monastery just north of town seemed to be oblivious to the strange occurrences. Seeing no other option, the mayor requested the aid of the Soldiers of Vigil, whose primary purpose is to aid the helpless.

Moving on up,
To a deluxe apartment…

With the experiences they acquired from their encounter with Zahara and Lamm, Starkk and Derrikk had proven themselves enough in the Soldiers of the Vigilar to earn a promotion from their initiate status to full members. As such, Starkk was promoted to a Knight and Derrikk was promoted to a Soldier in their respective units of the Vigilars.

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you..

All adventures start somewhere. They have a beginning. Usually those beginnings are small, almost inconsequential. This was one of those beginnings, with the warrior Derrikk, from the North Umbrian holdings, arrived at the Albium chapter house for the Soldiers of the Vigilar and was immediately put to a test to show his skills at arms. It was here that Derrikk met the Paladin of Mythius, Starkk on the chapter house practice grounds, and it was here the two became friends after a few bruises were administered to Starkk’s head with Derrikk’s practice swords.

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It is the Age of Mortals…
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dragons sleep in their secluded layers; and even the Gods have departed the lands.

Free from the direct control of the Gods and meddling of the other origin races,
mankind strives to rebuild the world. Yet they are constantly raided by the Orgrist,
former humans twisted by the Dark Ones foul power during the Godflict.

Whatever direction mankind takes, it will be a direction of their own choosing. Your
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