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    h2. See [[Reliquum|Reliquum Continental Map]] |_.Realm|_.Capitol|_.Type|_.Region|_.Language|_.Races| |Bourgogne|Percy|Sovereign Duchy|SE [[Reliquum]]|Faranch|[[Humans]]| |Bretag|Vorgium|Sovereign Duchy| NE Reliquum| Faranch|Human| |Faraksia|Nance| …

  • Maps

    h2. GEOGRAPHY [[Reliquum|Continent of Reliquum]] [[Leogria Map|Kingdom of Leogria]] [[Newtown|City of Newtown]], Earldom of Mercia, Kingdom of Leogria h2. FLOOR PLANS [[Elfsong Harp Inn]]

  • Principality of Gwynn

    Principality of Gwynn *Ruler:* Princess Senena *Capitol:* Cymry *Official Languages:* Common (Neopoli) and Gwynsh *Government:* Principality *Races:* [[Humans]] and [[Half …

  • Kingdom of Scotia

    h2. Kingdom of Scotia *Ruler:* King Malcolm II *Capitol:* Edaburough *Official Languages:* Common (Neopoli) and Scoet *Government:* Kingdom *Races:* Humans, Half Elves, and Orgrist *Additional information:* [[Reliquum|Geography]] *Brief History …