Physical Description:

Are massive, four legged lizard looking creatures with wings growing from their backs. Their skin color ranges from black to green and red, and seems to have something to do with their natural habitat. Their claws, teeth, and bone ridges appear to be at least as hard as stone if not harder. Their scales work as a natural armor, and seem to be nigh impenetrable.

Legend vs Fact:

Little is known about Dragons, other than they were created by Drakontus and they fought on both sides of the Godclism. They have been very rarely seen since then the cataclysm, and while they were cursed to their greed and rage; they were also cursed to spend eyons sleeping on their vast hordes. As such, gathering current information and deciphering fact from fiction is almost impossible.

Fire Breathe: Legends say that Dragons can breathe jets of burning liquid that appears to be fire, but also quite corrosive like an acid. It is said that Dragon Fire can eat through metal easily, and can even melt stone. - Fact

They steal virgins: Believed to be a delicacy of Dragons since the Cataclysm. While it’s impossible to know for sure, this seems likely as a a veal steak may be tasty for a human; a young virgin probably has the same quality to a massive Dragon. - Very Probable

Vast Magic: Dragons are also said to be powerful wizards, able to cast devastating spells. While this could be true (and they certainly have magical qualities), and Dragons are quite possibly evil (like all Warlocks), it’s unlikely that they would need to pursue magic considering their immense size, power, and fiery breath. - Unlikely

Change Shape: It is also said that Dragons can change their shape, and even turn into humans to walk among us. Obviously, this is complete superstition and paranoia, made popular by the uneducated. - Fiction


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