Hat Tip

Tip of the Hat:

These are my favorite Obsidian Portal GM’s pages to look at for HTML/CSS, Design, All-a-round Helpful, useful info


Age of Legends: His campaign. It’s beautifully laid out
Tips for Map Making: So many tips from him. Very, very useful.


Dresden Files Dallas: Amazing example
Innkeeper’s Ledger: Wolfound’s free CSS Template, fantasy based.


Dangerous Kalamar 4 (DK4): So many great ideas, and such a wonderful layout.

Outside Sites

Cartographer’s Guild : plenty of incredible ideas.

Art, Maps, Character Portraits

Banner, Heraldry, etc: Mostly doodled in Gimp (a free program), after playing around on a actual piece of paper. Same with the parchment background.

Character Portraits: Most are taken from the Pathfinder books, so special thanks to Paizo for the amazing art. Players posted pics of their choosing from various sites (which I’ve edited a little for formatting). If it’s bad (SGT Flemm), I probably doodled it myself.

Maps: Were made with the tutorials, tips, etc available from Cartographers Guild, as well as youtube, etc. The planet was based on Earth, and the super-continent Pangaea, which was then modified quite a bit to be the way I wanted it. And then further broken down into smaller continents (of which Reliquum is one).

Hat Tip

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