House Rules

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HOUSE RULES: Leogria Campaign

Character Creation:

  • Point buy system: Epic – 25 points.
  • Races: Humans Only (Elves, Dwarves, Orgrist [1/2 Orcs] – will be options later)
  • Class: No Monks, Barbarians, Druids, Mages or Sorcerers . These particular classes do not fit with the primary realm where we will be adventuring. However, some may wander/travel though there on occasions. As such,Barbarians, Druids, Mages & sorcerers will be available later. Monks for this continent will still not be an option.
  • Skills Required/Additional – 1 point must be spent here during character creation, or this is an additional Class Skill to the ones listed in the book:
    • Bard: Perform – required
    • Cleric: Knowledge (Religion) – required
    • Fighter: Knowledge (Nobility) – additional. Some fighters are familiar with local Heraldry.
    • Paladin: Knowledge (Religion) – required
    • Ranger: Knowledge (Nobility) – additional. Some rangers learn Heraldry for scouting.
    • Rogue: none
  • Equipment: Starting wealth – Take average or roll (but if you roll, you have to take what you get, even if it’s lower)

Game Play:

  • Critical Hits: As per rules, but if you roll an additional 20 on your threat roll; it’s 3x Damage.
  • Horses: On this continent, they are extremely rare. Only the richest lords have them; and only the most affluent kingdoms will have units of mounted soldiers.
  • Absentee: Everyone will have 2 character sheets. One for themselves, and one for the Game Master (GM). That way if you are unable to make a game session due to scheduling, work, etc; your character will still be present and can participate. As a result, your character can receive ½ Experience even if you are not there; which will help ensure no one feels like they are falling behind.


  • Assume good faith: The GM will make mistakes. The players will make mistakes. Let’s try to stay on topic, and save discussions regarding mistakes, suggestions, etc for the end of the game session so as not to slow the flow.
  • Ask questions: We are all playing, and telling an adventure story together. If you don’t understand a rule, ask. (We are all learning together too!)
  • Golden Rule: Treat people how you want to be treated.
  • Politics & Religion: Only in-game, and in-character. Realize that a character may not have the same political or religious views as a player.
  • Use your imagination and have fun.

House Rules

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