Kingdom of Leogria

Ruler: King Eathred
Capitol: Albium
Official Languages: Common (Neopoli) and Leogrian
Government: Monarchy
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Brief History
The Neopolian Empire ruled most of the Eastern Isles, including what is now the Kingdom of Leogria from approximately 224 A.G. to 588 A.G. when the Legions of Neopoly pulled back to continental Reliquum. This allowed King Aethur, the Dragon, a former Tribuni (Military Leader) of the legions to form the First Kingdom of Leogria comprising Wesleo, Easleo, Susleo, around 589 A.G. However when he died in 602 A.G, the the realm was split between his three sons.

The next few hundred years involved constant warfare between the various petty kingdoms on the Eastern Isles, as well as massive Orgrist invasion known as “The Great Heretic Horde” who were able to form their own kingdom known as the Orglaw. During this time a series of successful (and unsuccessful) Kings and Queens ruled Wesleo and were able to slowly expand the their realm.

In 888 A.G., King Elfred, the Great, was able to oust the Orgrist hordes that had ruled a swath of the East Isles for the past 200 years, and in doing so established the current border of the Kingdom of Leogria. King Elfred continued to rule in peace until his death in 967 A.G.

For a full history, please read: A Modern History of the Kingdom of Leogria and the Surrounding Peoples by Pinie the Scrybe, Head Librarian of Albium.

Current Events
King Edward II, was the Great Grandson of King Elfred, and for most of his reign was considered to be relatively unlucky as most things he tried went askew. His largest folly may be his “Foolish Fleet”. After reading and discussions with various wise men he came to the conclusion that the world was round and that other fragments of Pangea may exist, so he built a massive fleet and sent it to explore. It has never been heard from sense. What he is most remembered for, and how he gained the moniker “the Unlucky” though is how he died, falling from his horse while hunting when a rabbit ran across the path startling his horse. To add insult to death, King Edward was not even rabbit hunting; he was hunting for fox.

The current ruler, King Aethred was studying and living abroad with the Grand Duke of Bourgogne when his father died. He returned home with his friend, a Bourgogn noble, Sir Guy. King Aethred immediately named his friend “Lord Guy, Major Domo of Castle White and advisory to the King”. This act of promoting a foreigner, combined with his young age and inexperience, along with his living abroad has lead to unrest in some circles, and his unofficial title of “King Aethred, the Unread”.

Divisions of Land: Earldoms & Shires
Liagria is divided into seven Earldoms (From North to South): Northern Marches, North Umbria, Mercia, Wesleo, Esleo, Susleo, and Anglia. Each Earldom is lead by an Earl or Ealdorwoman, which is a hereditary title with the exception of the Northern Marches which is appointed by the King of Leogria. Most of the Earldoms are further subdivided into regions known as Shires, which are usually named after the major city in the area (Example: Shropshire’s capital is the city of Shrop). Shires in turn are governed by the Shire Reeve, some of which are hereditary while others are appointed by the Earl or Ealderowoman.

For a complete list of the Earldoms and the ruling Earls and Reeves read the Scroll of Leogrian Nobility.

Inspiration: England from approximately 800-1200 AD


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