Leogrian Nobility

Royal Court

Title Name Location Position
King Eathred Albium Head of State
Lord Guy du Auton Albium Major Domo Castle White
Marquis Gurgan Montagu Albium Maquis of Albium

Landed Nobles

Warden Aenne of Bucham Northern Marches Earl and Warden of the North
Lord Cuthred the Bald East March Shire Reeve
Lord Richard of Midham West March Shire Reeve
Earl Oswalda North Umbria Hwicshire Earldorwoman and Reeve
Lord Wiglef Humbria Shire Reeve
Lord John of York Yorkshire Reeve
Earl Aefe Mercia Ealdorwoman
Lady Jacee Newshire Reeve
Lord Offan Medshire Reeve
Lord Cadwalter Firthshire Reeve
Earl Gyrth Wesleo Earl
Lord Tostig Albiumshire Reeve
Lady Sophi of Portoun Portshire Reeve
Lord Synod Devonshire Reeve
Earl Bede Esleo Leonshire Ealdorwoman and Reeve
Lord Barrett Pecshire Reeve
Lady Ine Domeshire Reeve
Earl Aedwealth Beushs Susleo Earl
Lord Alfgar Shorpshire Reeve
Lord Wilfred Kel’Beusch Wiltshire Reeve
Lord Damian Duedits Cheshire Reeve
Marquisa Saelee Anglia Anglia Marquisa and Reeve

Lesser Nobility

Leogrian Nobility

Legends of Penterra mefanch