Legends of Penterra

Following the Sword

A trip to Devon.

With the party gathered back up, Starkk, Derrick, Toric, Celeste, and their new companion Lola the Dragonling made their way to the northeast in search of the Sword of the Titan Ragnus. It would take them six days to travel to the city of Devon, a large town in the foothills separating the western side of Leogria from the eastern side.

Along the way, they were approached by a strange man one night who asked if he could sit at their fire. There was something about this man that made the group uncomfortable, and after a bit the Paladin Starkk checked the man’s aura for evil, which prompted the man to attack them. The “man’s” face slowly elongated, his teeth, ears and hair growing, and the group found themselves facing some sort of wolf man, with a hungry look in his eye. Luckily for them, they still carried the silver weapons they were issued by their order for dealing with the possible undead at the Temple of Sevorum.

While this was odd, the next day they encountered another man along their path who seemed to be tracking something. Occasionally this man would stop to smell the ground, almost like a dog… or possibly a wolf. Though they didn’t challenge this man, and no fight broke out they were very wary of him, and made a mental note that something wasn’t quite right. Celeste proposed the idea that other evil creatures may also be tracking this powerful, and very evil sword.

When they arrived in Devon they learned that a local fence, as well as everyone in his shop, was murdered by Reese, and there were several wanted posters in the area for his apprehension. While this was good news because it let them know they were on the right path, it was also disturbing because Reese was never known to be so aggressive. The posters also were a bit odd, as in them Reese was shown to be bald, as if all his hair had fallen out.

In doing an area check through Devon for more information they also discovered that the local population was rather aggressive and hostile to anyone from the south west, and there were several rumors swirling about the king’s advisor Lord Guy possibly being a mage or worse, and having ensorcelled the king. During one of these disputes the group came to the aid of a knight, Sir Adward, from Susleo who was being assaulted by a knight, Sir Unther, and his squire from Medshire. During the confrontation Sir Unther had the misfortune of tripping, and running his on squire through with his sword (though he will certainly remember the encounter differently).

Further investigation in the town allowed the group to discover the location of Reese’s lover, and find out that Reese had left the town only a few days before; heading east – possibly to Newtown. While they were searching for more information though, they were attacked by the Black Hand, an assassin’s guild in the kingdom of Leogria, who were sent by Earok to exact revenge for their raid on his holdings.

Because of this, the party decided to leave right away during the night, before the city gates were opened, and thanks to Celeste’s ability to sway the guards, they were able to do so. Despite their early departure, the group encountered Reese too late. When they found him he was hanging, dead, in a crow’s cage; with a painted sign that said, “Woe to those who commit murder and atrocities against those of Noble Birth.”

It was obvious that Reese had been difficult to kill, his body showed the damage from at least two lances and several sword strikes. In addition, there were six graves behind the crow’s cage with the names of knights as well as squires – obviously, people well trained in the arts of war and no mere pushovers like those killed by Reese in the shop in Devon.

The party would have to push on to Newtown to find out who might have encountered Reese and have the sword now….



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