Legends of Penterra

More than one way to get a sword

Some are easier than others

Having recovered the ledgers and returned them to Aesek, the group no longer had to worry about assassins and could concentrate their whole attention to the task of recovering the Sword of Ragnus. They divided themselves into two groups, one to scout out Lord Offan’s residence in Newtown, the other to watch the Earlderwoman’s keep, and see if the shire reeve had the sword with him when he attended court there.

After spending a day scouting, they were able to determine that the reeve did have the sword with him, and that it was quite literally blindingly powerful (at least when you looked at it with a detect magic spell); and that he was traveling with six knights in town. They were also able to estimate the size of his forces inside his residence. After careful planning, and at least one failed attempt to stop and “talk” to Lord Offan in the city streets the group came up with a plan to attack him when he left town, could not be assisted by the city guards, and where there would be fewer witnesses.

Knowing Lord Offan to be a stickler for order and law, and a great opponent to rogues, brothels, and vice, the party thought the Spider’s Web may appreciate having him removed; and thus be willing to aid them. As it turns out, Aesek liked the idea and gave them use of a few rogues to assist them as well as some traps to lay along the road, and some tactical advice for setting up an ambush.

The group set their ambush point between Med and Newtown, trusting in their knowledge of Lord Offan’s arrogance that he would use the same route, and never expect anyone to challenge him or his authority – especially not en route back to his own keep. They set their plan well, rope across the road neck high, traps along the ground in front, most of the party hiding off to the side in the woods with their bows ready, and the two heavy melee’s Starkk and Derrick sitting in the middle of the road to provide a target, and to draw their quarries attention away from the other things.

It took time, the loss of two men, and the arrival of the Grim Rider, but eventually the group was able to overcome Lord Offan, slay him, and recover the sword. Then, using two of the horses that were recovered, Starkk and Celeste escorted the Grim Rider back to the Temple of Sevorum to secure the demonic sword back into the enchanted crypt.



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