Reese is said to be average height, and average build, with dark hair. Other than his Faraxian accent, nothing particular stands out about him according to the people of Boggacham. He has been described as a rogue, thief, scoundrel,and someone to never let stand behind you.


Reese was one of the two “Tanners” living in Boggacham, and it has been discovered by Celeste and Starkk that he was actually a grave robber that had tunneled under ground into the catacombs beneath the Temple of Sevorous. From what they’ve been able to uncover, Reese stabbed his accomplice “Mouse” in the back (literally and figuratively), and then took a legendary, and very evil great sword before running off.

From further investigation, it is believed he may be headed east from Boggacham to Devon.


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